Jose Escamilla Owner.Founder

Owner and founder, Jose Escamilla, has been serving your professional painting needs with exceptional skills since 1997.

Being passionate about painting and decor designs, Escamilla took a bold step to follow his dreams and started Escamilla's Painting. Over the course of servicing the bay area's painting needs for the past 15 years, Escamilla has never regretted his decision of providing you with the top notch painters and decor designers. Jose Escamilla has never been so proud and honored to be your local and personal painting contractor.


All of our supervisors started as an Escamilla Painters, but have steadily worked and trained up to be your local supervisor. Although most originally started as a part time painter as means for paying towards their college degree or other expenses, they slowly grew a new found love towards painting and decorative design. After many years under supervision and training, Escamilla Paintings is proud to promote from within, assuring you receive the best and most superior painting and decorative design in a professional and proficient manner.


Our guys have been catering your painting needs with Escamilla Painting since 1997. Our painters are aspiring artist with a passionate love for making your home and business look a new. They love what they do, it's not just their job, it's their careers.